Agricultural Finance

If you need finance for your agriculture business, we can help. Farming can be tough, and global competition means you need to work harder than ever to keep up. There is a wide range of farm loans and agricultural finance that can help you carry out your plans.

There’s a huge range of agriculture finance that can help you fund your farm, whether you need to buy an expensive new piece of machinery, acquire additional buildings or land, or simply release some day-to-day working capital.

Input finance for purchasing farm materials and livestock funding

less glamorous than large equipment and machinery, but just as important for the success of your farm, is livestock, feed, seeds and fertiliser. If you need to spread the cost of your inputs, an unsecured loan could help you ease pressure on the cash flow.

  • Finance for the purchase of sheep, cattle, pigs and other livestock
  • Finance for cattle feed, sheep feed, poultry feed, pig feed and other animal feed

Loans to buy agricultural land or new farm buildings

There’s a wide range of commercial property finance that can help you acquire more agricultural land or build new farm buildings, with agriculture-specific property finance now available.

  • Grain and feed stores
  • Grain sheds
  • Grain dryers
  • Bulk sheds
  • Crop storage
  • Silos
  • Chicken sheds
  • Beef cattle housing

Renewable energy projects on farmland

We can help you find the right funding for renewable energy projects on your farm, for example asset finance to purchase anaerobic digesters and other types of renewable technology.

Short-term finance for farm bills, and ongoing working capital finance

If you simply need working capital finance, there’s a range of funding available, whether you need to finance a vat bill, you’re dealing with late payments, or you want to refinance business debt.

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